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IC Contact

 Here's where your character can contact Firo if need be. Please specify the game; the date (or general time); and whether the meeting is action, voice, video, text, etc. 
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[Knowing dragging Rey home by himself after this mess is more than he can reasonably handle, Nick gives Firo a call. What he also needs is someone to keep an eye on Rey until she wakes up -- he wants to see if he can catch up with the other girl, keep a watch on her until this whole thing blows over. Better that than letting her come back for round two while Rey is out like a light.

And while he and Firo might not always get along, he knows there's one thing they can agree on: Rey's safety. She's family.]

If you've got a minute, I need a hand with something.
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It's Rey.

[Spoiler: she got herself in trouble.]

She's knocked out at the moment. I need help dragging her home. I'll explain when you get here.
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[A second later, there's a blip from Firo's phone with the location.]

And if happen to pass by a woman with a stab wound in her shoulder on your way over, let me know.
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[A hell of a time is one way to describe it.]

No, that'd be me. The two of them were fighting, and the fact that she was holding her own against a furious Rey by the time I got here says she's not just some regular human.

[As most aren't in the city, it seems. There were other clues, but that's good enough for this explanation.]

Rey was the one I could reach at the time, and the other woman took off before I could get to her. Rey had her reasons for this brawl, but I wasn't about to stand by and let her become some tool for Rage because some self-serving brat goaded her into a fight.

[Especially when said brat clearly wanted to make things easier for the gods to 'help them out.' He might be just a hair mad at all parties involved, but especially Rosie.]
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[Nick hears the shift in tone, but he doesn't have the patience to argue right now. Hell, even if he'd been 100% in the right, Firo would probably have umbrage.]

For now. Thanks.