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IC Contact

 Here's where your character can contact Firo if need be. Please specify the game; the date (or general time); and whether the meeting is action, voice, video, text, etc. 
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[video] (hadriel)

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[By Jove, it's a video chat for once!

[There's a reason for it, too. Because Rey seems to be sporting a green hat that ought to be uncannily familiar on her own head.

[As she is also pointing towards the fedora:]

Don't suppose this thing would be yours, would it?
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[Judging by Firo's immediate response, Rey soon takes that for a "yes".]

...Thought it looked neat.

[That's all the reason you need to put on a snazzy-looking hat, right? Well, for Rey it sure as hell is.]

Found it by the dam. Had a feeling it probably belonged to you.
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[She blinks.]

Weren't these hats common in your day, though? Didn't think it had that sort of significance.
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[While she may not know who this "Maiza" is or the exact significance to the hat, she can understand the value of a gift given by someone important to you. She slides the hat off her own head, just holding it in one hand.]

Sorry. I was planning on giving it back to you, if it was yours.

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[Good thing Rey isn't invested enough to profit off of Firo's misery. Besides, her interest is piqued when he raises the possibility that he may have found something in return. When Firo does come back, her brows raise and she leans in, studying the instrument.

[It could have been any old harmonica, really. They're hardly unique to her world. But something about it -- from the little scratches and indentions -- seems familiar.]

Ah, no, that might be... [She pauses.] You just found that somewhere?
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[Nope, she knows exactly what he's referring to.]

Appreciate it. I don't really play, but...

[Sentimental value. What is it.]
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[More like she'll be making horrible noise for Nick for the next few days. At least it's not as bad as a terrible clarinet player.]

Sure, can give you back your hat while you're here.
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[Seeing that they live so close (and Rey in possession of Firo's prized hat), the door swings open almost immediately after the knocking begins.

[At leas this time she isn't wearing the fedora on her head, but it's in her other hand now.]

That didn't take long. [She notes almost jokingly.] You want to come in, or...?

[Just trade and run? Come to think of it, Rey doesn't often invite people over.]
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Mm, probably for the best. Had to do some rearranging not too long ago.

[Rather than handing over the hat like a normal person, Rey just places it over Firo's head in one hand while she takes the harmonica in the other. She gives the top of the hat a single pat, bearing an oddly deadpan expression for such an amiable gesture as she steps back. This gives Firo enough room to enter, before she closes the door behind him.

[Whatever rearranging it is she's done, it isn't obvious right away. It's mostly the bedrooms themselves. Otherwise, everything looks like the normal furnishings in the other houses, save for a few additions here and there. Like the goldfish next to a potted cactus over one of the windowpanes, and a cushiony chair in the living area with what appears to be cat ears over the back of it.

[Just to name a few.]
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[What is polite social etiquette? Rey doesn't know and doesn't care, so Firo can keep the hat on for long as he likes.

[Before she can ask him if he'd like anything, he's already pointing out the goldfish, swimming around in its little bowl next to Charlie the Cactus.]

Same one. [She shrugs.] The damned thing would probably be dead already if it weren't for Nick.

[Rey doesn't forget that it needs to eat sometimes, or other times ends up feeding it way too much. Nope.]
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[It's not what you think, Firo!]

Because he actually remembers to feed it more often. Tend to forget that the damned thing even exists and then...

It isn't like I've ever owned a pet before.

[Rey is just lucky that it's a simple goldfish and not something more demanding, like a dog or a rabbit.]
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[Rey blinks]

Don't know. Never asked him. It seemed like he knew what he was doing, though. Or, at least, he cared.

[Which is more than what she can admit, sadly.]

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[If it's something that her time spent with Nick has told her, it's that Nick is nothing but caring. Almost to a fault, in Rey's opinion. Then again, she does believe that there is a such thing as caring too much. Compassion can destroy you, if you let it.]

A little bit of both, really. Nick can't do a whole lot of rearranging with that bum leg of his.

[Something which she could easily fix, if he'd let her.]

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